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What is iGEM ?

iGEM stands for International Genetically Engineered Machine, it is an international synthetic biology competition, bringing together teams from around the world at the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) in Boston.

The iGEM classifies projects according to their originality and feasibility.

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Is an association created by Sup’Biotech students in 2015 to attend the iGEM competition. Since this first participation, two teams (2015 and 2016) won the gold medal and several nominations: “Best presentation”, “Best applied design”, and “Best environmental project”.

The strength of the iGEM IONIS 2017 team comes from its multidisciplinarity and its complementarity.

This year 2017, we are 20 members from different schools:

• 18 students from Sup’Biotech

• 1 student from E-art Sup

• 1 student from Epita


Climatic disturbances lead to events of extreme temperatures (frosts or drought) that negatively affect the productions and economy of the agricultural world.

SofterShock is a biological thermo-responsive solution, allowing a protective action that reduces the plant’s thermal stresses. This biological system will protect vines by adapting itself to temperature variations (under 15ºC and above 37ºC).

These biological properties are in compliance with the requirements imposed by the French and European regulatory agencies for their potential impact on biodiversity.

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What are Human Practices

“Go beyond the lab!”

It is a very important part for the iGEM, because we have to deal with public communication and an ethic reflexion around the project.

Understanding and being in contact with the society to find the most adequate balance between the scientific study and the society allows to do a complete project.

Why is the map so important to us ?

We wanted to understand how society perceive GMOs in the WORLD and where our project SofterShock will be more suitable to be developed.

For that we created a survey that we sprayed all over the world thanks to the help of other iGEM teams.

We also met several experts such as winemakers and wine consumers to complete the map. We analysed some of the most pertinent questions and we developed the interactive map following society requests.

Our goal is to share and communicate a maximum of information to know how GMOs work around the world in an attractive, objective and funny way. We wish to bring new elements to the society, allowing them to rebuilt their own opinion about GMOs.

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